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AVAILABLE NOW Ten Writers Telling Lies is a unique collaboration between a group of storytellers and poets, and the singer-songwriter Jim Byrne. The writers got together with Jim in 2016 to create a collection of songs, poems and stories. In April 2017, the songs will be released on CD, while an accompanying book will include all the stories and poems.

The writers are Stephanie Brown, Pat Byrne, James Carson, Samina Chaudry, James Connarty, Pauline Lynch, Calum Maclean, Gillian Margaret Mayes, Michael Norton and Stephen Watt. These are some of the most talented writers and poets Glasgow has to offer.

Ten Writers Telling Lies includes:

  • Ten short stories and poems by some of Glasgow’s best writers.
  • 14 coloured illustrations  by artist and tattooist Pam McDonald.
  • A professionally produced music CD with 12 songs co-written by Jim Byrne and the participating writers.

Foreword by Louise Welsh and Zoe Strachan.

‘Telling lies is an art form – morality clouded by beautiful adornment. Honestly.’ Stuart Cosgrove, Journalist, Author, Broadcaster

‘An unusual and original mix of song, story and poems, Ten Writers Telling Lies is a creative treat for the mind and soul. You can trust my opinion on this. I’m a writer. Now, I wouldn’t lie, would I?’ Magi Gibson – First Makar of the City of Stirling in 500 years

‘Having been lucky enough to catch this show live I wasn’t sure if a book/CD would do it justice. It has… and here’s the proof.’ Dave Acari – Slide Guitarist & Songwriter

‘This inspired and inspiring collaborative project reminds us of the longstanding two-way traffic between music and the muse. What better duet can you get than the perfect harmony of songs and stories, lyrics and poetry, memory and melody?’ Willy Maley – Scottish literary critic, writer, University of Glasgow Professor of Renaissance Studies

‘Strong songwriting meets accessible, thought-provoking literary work. Hugely enjoyable!’ Duncan McCrone – Singer Songwriter, Former Member Of The Clydesiders

‘A brilliant idea, magnificently executed.’ Victoria Gosling, Editor, The Reader Berlin (Author and Publishing Services)

‘In a post truth fake news world it’s refreshing to hear some honest lies.’ Paul Kerr, Blabber ‘n’ Smoke – A Glasgow view of Americana

‘For a project with such a title it is refreshingly full of honesty in lyric and delivery and cuts to some truth about being human…’our job is just to listen well’. Like all good collaborations it weaves sensitively between artistic disciplines with imagination and re-invention, reminding us that it’s stories that bind us.’ Yvonne Lyon – Singer/songwriter  

Reviews ofJim Byrne’s album, Every Day Is Sunshine

‘a heady and exotic mix.’ Q Magazine.

‘…full of cinematic turns of phrase, dressed up in alluring melodies delivered by some of the most respected players on the modern-day Celtic Folk scene.’ UNCUT

‘A beautifully produced collection of Americana.’ The Daily Record.

‘Great record… a complete, compelling listen.’, Adam Levy (Songwriter/artist, guitarist with Nora Jones)

‘Ten beautiful, atmospheric songs…’, Folk, Blues and beyond

‘A fresh, original album’, Eilidh Patterson (singer songwriter, vocalist with Beth Nielsen Chapman)

‘Sounding like Johnny Cash never left Folsom prison…meditations on life that’ll soon sound like old friends.’ Spiral Earth

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